Klein Property Tax

Howard Klein, CPA, CFA has extensive national experience managing real estate companies’ property tax function. His in-depth understanding of tax codes and real estate economics has resulted in hundreds of $millions in tax savings on regional shopping centers, high street retail, urban and resort hotels, office, multifamily, and specialty industrial property.

Klein Property Tax offers consultation in the following areas:

Redevelopment and New Construction

Minimization of new construction enrollments through careful vetting of costs, explanation of project economics and isolation of land value
Tax projections and planning for alternative development scenarios

Negotiation of Development Tax Incentives

Maximize the value of TIFs, PILOTs, Mills Act, and ICAP Exemptions

Assessment Review and Appeal

Careful consideration is given to thoughtful tax minimization strategies that have been developed on a jurisdiction specific basis

Tax Projections / Budgeting

- Acquisition proforma guidance- assessments below cost may be achievable in many jurisdictions, particularly after aggressive appeal
- Quarterly and annual budget projections

National Portfolio Tax Management- Partnering with the Best Local Practitioners

Through extensive experience selecting and supervising the best practitioners in the major jurisdictions, Klein Property Tax is able to deliver the best results for your national portfolio


Howard Klein

Howard Klein, CPA, CFA

Howard Klein has extensive national experience managing real estate companies’ property tax function, negotiating development tax incentives, assessment reductions and tax recovery lease provisions. Mr. Klein was VP, Real Estate Tax with Macerich from 2006 - 2018. As leader of property tax department, achieved over $250M tax savings through development tax incentives, enrollment of new construction below cost, and assessment appeals on national mixed use portfolio.



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Klein Property Tax

Howard Klein, Principal Consultant